The Raisig Clinic and Wellness Center structures a fitness program to meet your personal goals and medical needs. You will have an assigned team which includes a doctor and nurse practitioner, a team of bachelor degreed exercise physiologists, and a supporting medical staff. Our clients are evaluated first with a comprehensible medical examination and cardiovascular testing. A thorough health history and medication discussion is part of the orientation into the program. A wellness prescription is initiated followed by an introduction to the exercise physiology department. Your healthcare provider will meet with you monthly as you progress through the program. Our goal is to maximize your health and well being while minimizing the need for prescription medications. Your health is our priority. Movement Is Medicine.


Every Wellness member receives a free heart rate monitor at their orientation. This is a wearable arm band that will show our physiologists your heart rate in real time!

With this science-based technology, we can ensure that you are exercising at a safe and effective level of intensity.


We invite any person over the age of 18 with any health concern or diagnosis. A referral from your healthcare professional is recommended but not required. Our main focus is to improve your cardiovascular health.

The clients include those with hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, obesity, COPD, and many other medical issues. Whether you have a diagnosis or at risk for a disease, you are invited.


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